Campus Life


Sports activities are important for brawn and brain. It also gives a break to work life and refresh and energize the person for new challenges. Institute offer many sports facilities to on the campus residents and day scholars. Sukkur IBA maintain cricket ground, football ground, badminton courts and fitness gym. It hosts number of sports event among student, faculty, staff and intra-departmental. Student society i.e. Sports and Adventure Society, plays an active role in organizing these events including Sukkur IBA Super League, LIGA SIBA etc. These games are in shape of cricket tournament, football tournament and Badminton tournament.

Health Week and Blood Donation Camp:

To impart civic sense among students of institute and create awareness about importance of social work, health week and blood donation camps are regularly organized on campus. It helps students to be engaged in activities outside their normal academic cycle and remain aware of social issues like health. Famous doctors and medical experts visit campus and create awareness about burning health issues like stress management, healthy diet etc. Blood donation is also important activity which help young people to donate their blood and think beyond themselves. Student also generate funds to support needy patients of various diseases like Thalassemia. These activities are regular feature and important part of student extra-curricular activities.

Uninteruppted Power Supply

In order to avoid interruption in teaching and learning process, the facility of heavy generators has been installed in campus to ensure 24-hour uninterrupted power supply. Currently, the generators of 2200 KV capacity are installed which provide power back up. These generators are sufficient to supply electricity throughout the campus.