Computer Systems Engineering Department


The Department of Computer Systems Engineering (CSE) is an initiative with the vision of incorporating modern engineering techniques and skill in the recent years. Computer systems engineers solve problems by creating systems that possess a computer embedded within a large operation. Computer Systems Engineering focuses on the development of both software and hardware skills for designing and building the smart products that are an integral part of our real world and ensure that these products can make decisions and function in the real world. The department is providing state of art Laboratories and highly qualified faculty. The department is offering a four years Bachelor of Engineering degree programmer in Computer Systems Engineering.


To become a state of the art department in the field of computer systems engineering.

Mission statement

To produce quality computer engineers having excellent problem solving, communication and management skills underpinned by a sound knowledge of engineering fundamentals and ability to put theory into practice for serving local and global community and resolving new engineering challenges faced in industry, start-ups or academia through a curriculum based on modern pedagogies and applied research.