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Dr. Zarqa Bano

Associate Professor (HoD)

Contact Member

E-mail : zarqa.bano@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4089


Dr. Zarqa Bano holds a PhD degree in applied mathematics with specialization in Fluid Mechanics. Her research area is analytic solutions of differential equations arising in the field of fluid mechanics in general and non-Newtonian fluids in particular.


Degree From Major Year
MS CIIT, Islamabad Applied Mathematics 2009
MSc SALU, Khairpur Applied Mathematics 2006
PhD CIIT, Islamabad Applied Mathematics 2014


# Title Author(s)
1 Unsteady Stokes Flow through Porous Channel with Periodic Suction and Injection with Slip Conditions Siddiqui , Majeed Abdul
, Kaleemullah Bhatti,
, Zarqa Bano,
2 Unsteady Incompressible Stokes Flow through Porous Pipe of Uniform Circular Cross Section with Periodic Suction and Injection Bano. , Zarqa
, Bhatti, Kaleemullah
, , Abdul Majeed Siddiqui
3 Steady 2-D MHD Flow of a Second Grade Fluid in a Symmetrical Diverging Channel of Varying Width. Siddiqui , AM
Haroon , T
Bano , Zarqa
Smeltzer , JH


# Title Year
1 Member 2010


# Title Organization Year
1 Silver Medal SALU, Khairpur 2006
2 Research Productivity Award 2013 CIIT, Islamabad 2013
3 Research Productivity Award 2011 CIIT, Islamabad 2011
4 Indigenous 5000 Scholarship HEC 2007