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Prof. Dr. M. Abdul Rehman

Dean - Faculty of Science and Information Technology

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E-mail : rehman@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4061


With over 23 years of extensive experience of teaching, research, development, and administration in the field of academia, I am dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in education, research, and academic management. Throughout my career, I have held various leadership positions and contributed significantly to the growth and development of educational landscape at Department, Campus, and University levels. My diverse portfolio includes roles as a Director Campus (Sukkur IBA University Khairpur Campus), Head of Computer Science Department (Sukkur IBA University), Professor of Computer Science (Sukkur IBA University), and Research Associate at Bayreuth University Germany. I have published 34 research papers in national/international journals as well as presented my research work at various well-known international/national conferences. In addition to my experience and leadership roles in academia, I have also played a pivotal role in leading innovative initiatives and infrastructure development within the education sector. Notably, I have been involved in establishing Pakistan's first-ever Digital Fabrication Laboratory (FAB LAB), an innovative facility that has revolutionized the way students engage with technology and fostered a culture of hands-on learning. With the support of Rs. 84 million from the Sindh Government and technical assistance from the FAB Foundation at MIT in Boston, USA, I successfully initiated and established the Digital Fabrication Laboratory. This state-of-the-art facility provides students with access to advanced technologies and equipment, enabling them to explore the realms of digital design, prototyping, and fabrication. Moreover, under my leadership, another FAB Lab was established at Sukkur IBA University's main campus, with a financial grant of Rs. 87 million from the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. Furthermore, I have made significant contributions to the expansion and development of Sukkur IBA University through the establishment of the Khairpur Campus and its sub-centers in each taluka of the Khairpur District. Starting from the initial proposal development, preparation of the PC-I, and overseeing the construction of the campus, I played a leading role in ensuring the successful deployment of the new educational facilities. This expansion has not only increased access to quality education for students in the region but has also generated opportunities for academic and economic growth. I have also played a pivotal role in establishing the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) at Sukkur IBA University. From the initial stages of developing the proposal to the final deployment of the office, I have been actively involved in every step of the process. I diligently prepared the necessary documents, corresponded with the Higher Education Commission (HEC), and effectively managed local resources to ensure the successful establishment of the office. I have also actively participated as a member of several University and national-level bodies. As a member of the University Senate, Syndicate, Academic and Faculty Councils, and the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR), I have played an essential role in shaping policies, approving academic programs, and ensuring adherence to quality standards. My involvement in these bodies has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the governance structure of higher education institutions, as well as the challenges and opportunities involved in strategic decision-making. My participation as a senior member of the HEC-NCEAC Accreditation Committee showcases my commitment to upholding academic standards and ensuring the quality of education. Through these diverse roles, I have gained valuable insights into the administrative, academic, and regulatory aspects of the higher education sector. My participation in these bodies has equipped me with a broad perspective and a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in higher education governance and quality assurance. As the Director Campus (Sukkur IBA University Khairpur Campus), I successfully oversaw the overall administration and management of the campus, ensuring smooth operations and fostering an environment conducive to learning. During my tenure, I implemented innovative strategies and policies that enhanced student engagement, faculty collaboration, and academic excellence. Prior to my role as Director Campus, I served as a Head of Computer Science Department in a prestigious university, Sukkur IBA. In this capacity, I led a team of dedicated educators, overseeing curriculum development, assessment strategies, and instructional methodologies. I utilized my administrative expertise in managing departmental activities like curriculum development, program accreditation (NCEAC and ABET), teacher training and evaluations and quality assurance. As a Professor, I dedicated several years to imparting knowledge and mentoring students, inspiring them to reach their full potential. As an Associate Professor, I engaged in advanced research and collaborated with colleagues to publish scholarly work of significant impact. Additionally, my experience as a Research Associate at Department of Computer Science, University of Bayreuth, Germany for 4 years allowed me to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in my field through rigorous research and publication of peer-reviewed articles.


Degree From Major Year
PhD University of Bayreuth, Germany DBMS 2008
Post Graduate Dip. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) Jamshoro, Sindh (Visual Prog. & networking)
MS SZAB Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. Computer Science
B.E Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) Jamshoro, Sindh (Bachelor of Engineering)


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