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Engr. Dr. Abdul Sattar Chan

HoD & Associate Professor

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E-mail : abdul.sattar@iba-suk.edu.pk
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Dr. Abdul Sattar got his PhD degree from Dongguk University, South Korea. He has more than 13 years of teaching and research experience at university level. He has been with Sukkur IBA University for the past 9 years. His research interests include Nanotechnology, Graphene and other 2D materials, Photodiodes and Photodetectors, Optical Fiber Communication, Digital Logic and Design, Data Communication and Computer Networks. Dr. A.Sattar has also published his research work in high impact factor international research journals, international conferences and domestic journals.


Degree From Major Year
B.E (Computer Systems Engineering) Mehran UET Jamshoro Computer Systems Engineering 2003
MS (Electronics and Communication Engineering) Myongji University Electronics and Communication Engineering 2009
PhD Dongguk University Solid state lighting, Nanotechnology 2019


# Title Author(s)
1 New techniques to Supress the Sidelobes in OFDM Systems to Design a Successful Overlay System Ahmed , Saleem
Ur Rehman , Razi
Raza , Ali
Chan ,Sattar Abdul
Shahzad , Aamir
2 Simple and Efficient Management Scheme for EDFA in WDM Systems Ali , Mumtaz
Khaliq , Shoaib M.
Chan , Sattar A.
Shin , Seo-Yong
3 Tunable UV-visible absorption of SnS2 layered quantum dots produced by liquid phase exfoliation Fu , Xiao
Ilanchezhiyan , P.
Kumar , Mohan G.
Cho ,Dong Hak
Zhang , Lei
Chan , Sattar Abdul
4 Shear Exfoliation and Photoresponse of 2D-Layered Gallium Selenide Nanosheets Chan , Sattar Abdul
Fu , Xiao
Panin , N. Gennady
Chu ,Dong Hak
Lee ,Jin Dong
Kung , Won Tae