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Dr. Muhammad Yameen Sandhu

Associate Professor

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E-mail : yameen@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4119


Dr. Muhammad Yameen Sandhu has more than 12 years of teaching, research and administration experience at national and international universities. He has been working with Sukkur IBA University since 2009. Dr. Sandhu is HEC PhD approved PhD supervisor and actively involved in conducting research in following areas of research; Microwave material processing, Microwave control, sensing and spectroscopy techniques, Passive component design


Degree From Major Year
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship IMP, University of Leeds, UK Microwave Material Processing 2014-16
PhD (University of Leeds, UK) Electronic and Electrical Engineering 2014
Msc University of Leeds, UK (Communication Engineering) 2011
B.E MUET, Jamshoro Telecommunication Engineering 2009
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Gdansk University of Technology, Poland RF/Microwave 2021-22


# Title Author(s)
1 Ceramic Waveguide Filters with Wide Spurious-Free Stopband Response Afridi , Sharjeel
Sandhu , Yameen
Hunter , Ian
2 "The process for making low density LAS surfactant detergent agglomerates using microwave heating" S. Roberts , S. Nigel
Y. Sandhu, , Muhammad
, Faiqa S. Saleh
, Sharjeel Afridi a
, Ian C. Hunter a,
3 Receiver Design for Multi-carrier Transmission Systems in Presence of Tx/Rx Imperfections Ali , A
Y. Sandhu , Muhammad
Waqar , O
Qadir , A
4 A new method for the precise multiband microwave dielectric measurement using stepped impedance stub Y. Sandhu , Muhammad
Ali , A
Hunter , I
Roberts , N
5 Miniaturized dielectric waveguide filters Y. Sandhu , Muhammad
C. Hunter , Ian
6 Multi-mode Propagation in 2D filters and Meta-materials Hunter , I
Rhodes , D
Y. Sandhu , Muhammad
7 Development of an open-ended microstrip stub apparatus and technique for the dielectric characterization of powders Y. Sandhu , Muhammad
Hunter , Ian
Roberts , Nigel
8 Microwave power absorption Profile of detergent surfactant agglomerates during microwave heating Y. Sandhu , Muhammad
Hunter , Ian
Roberts , Nigel
9 Microwave power absorption profile of detergent surfactant agglomerates during microwave heating Sandhu , Muhammad Y.
Afridi , Sharjeel
Khalid , Qari
Hunter , Ian C.
Roberts , Nigel S.
10 Peer and File Sizes Distributions for Energy Efficient Bit Torrent Networks Afridi , Sharjil
Gilal , Abdul Rehman
Shah , Shahnawaz
Sandhu , Muhammad Yameen
11 A four port diplexer for high TX/RX isolation for integrated transceivers Kongpang , Jessada
Y. Sandhu , Muhammad
Somjit , Nutapong
12 Highly Selective Miniaturized Integrated Ceramic Waveguide filters for Cellular Base Station Ahmed , Zubair
Y. Sandhu , Muhammad
Afridi , Sharjeel


# Title Year
1 Pyrolysis Gasification System for Energy Extraction from Waste Biomass funded by USPCASE 2022
2 "Novel Coupling scheme for miniaturized inline generalized Chebyshev ceramic Waveguide Filters" funded by IRG, Sukkur IBA University. 2022
3 Spurious free miniaturized dielectric loaded filters funded by HEC, Pakistan 2022
4 Weed Control in vegetable farms via Microwave Irradiation- funded by- "Pakistan Science Foundation" 2022
5 Miniaturized reconfigurable multimode filters funded by "Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) 2022


# Title Year
1 Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) 2009
2 Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 2012


# Title Organization Year
1 Sukkur IBA FDP award for MS leading to PhD HEC 2010
2 IEEE International microwave symposium (IMS-2013) Student Award 2013
3 Pyrolysis Gasification System for Energy Extraction from Waste Biomass US-Pakistan Centre for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E), UET Peshawar 2017
4 Spurious free miniaturized dielectric loaded filters Higher Education Comission, Pakistan (CO-PI) 2018