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Engr Dr Suresh Kumar

Assistant Professor

Contact Member

E-mail : suresh@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4669


Interested in Developmental Robotics, Play behaviour, Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart applications, Brain computer interface, Electrical machines. Research work in Modelling play behaviours in artificial agents and Brain-Computer Interface.


Degree From Major Year
MS GCU, Lahore Control Engineering 2013
B.E MUET, Jamshoro Electronics 2009


# Title Author(s)
1 Multifunctional Cathodic Interlayer with Polysulfide Immobilization Mechanism for High-Performance Li-S Batteries Waqas , Muhammad
Kumar , Suresh
2 A highly efficient composite separator embedded with colloidal lanthanum oxide nanocrystals for high-temperature lithium-ion batteries Waqas , Muhammad
Kumar , Suresh
3 Discovering Schema-based Action Sequences through Play in Situated Humanoid Robots Kumar , Suresh
4 Decade of bio-inspired soft robots: A review Ahmed , Faheem
Kumar , Suresh
5 Multi-material Bio-inspired Soft Octopus Robot for Underwater Synchronous Swimming Ahmed , Faheem
Kumar , Suresh
6 Fisher component-based feature selection method Burriro , Abdul Baseer
Kumar , Suresh
7 Autonomous Navigation and Real Time Mapping Using Ultrasonic Sensors in NAO Humanoid Robot Kumar , Suresh
8 Wide-Range Humidity–Temperature Hybrid Flexible Sensor Based on Strontium Titanate and Poly 3,4 Ethylenedioxythiophene Polystyrene Sulfonate for Wearable 3D-Printed Mask Applications Ahmed , Adnan
Soomro , Afaque Manzoor
9 Perception of localized features during robotic sensorimotor development Giagkos , Alexandros
Kumar , Suresh
10 "Developing Hierarchical Schemas and Building Schema Chains Through Practice Play Behavior" Shen1 , Qiang
, "Suresh Kumar,
, Patricia Shaw
, Alexandros Giagkos,
, Raphäel Braud1,
, Mark Lee1
11 Is Financial Flexibility a Priced Factor in the Stock Market? Faff , Robert
, Suresh Kumar Oad Rajput,
, Udomsak Wongchoti,
, Jianguo Chen,


# Title Year
1 Sindh HEC Lab Strengthening Program 2023-24 2023


# Title Year
1 MPEC 2010