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Prof. Dr. Sher Muhammad Daudpota

Director Quality Enhancement Cell

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E-mail : sher@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4044


Basically a computer scientist, with major interest in Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Sciences, Multimedia Data Mining and Image Mining. Most of my research publications are in these areas. Additional, along side my computer science career, I have also been involved in Quality Assurance work at Sukkur IBA University as well as nationally. In the year 2012, I was given a challenging task of leading Institute's quality assurance department. In this capacity, I have learned many good practices both nationally and internationally. I am an HEC Reviewer, in this capacity, I have had a chance to visit many institutions of Pakistan to assess and learn their quality assurance mechanism. I have also worked on a five years partnership between Sukkur IBA, Johnson County Community College and University of Missouri Kansas City (UMKC). I served as Project Director on this partnership project. Under this partnership, Sukkur IBA faculty with the support of U.S State Department, learned the best practices in Assessment, Distance Education, Early Childhood Education, Mathematics and English. My work with USWDP of USAID as a consultant helped me to understand the model of community colleges in Kabul and it's role in workforce development. I worked with KPU faculty in Kabul to develop and assess Associate Degree in computer science. My diverse role with Sukkur IBA means I have also been engaged in writing different funding proposals to corporate and government. One such example is work with OGDCL on Talent Hunt Program, under this partnership, Sukkur IBA with the support of OGDCL, selects 75 students from each province of Pakistan, admits them in a zero semester to work on students English, ICT and Mathematics to prepare them for Higher Education. I have worked on the project as Project Director. More than 600 students have already benefited from the partnership and now studying in their bachelor degree programs.


Degree From Major Year
PhD Asian Institute of Technology Multimedia Data Mining 2012
M.E Asian Institute of Technology Trust Negotiation 2008
MSc. (Gold Medalist) University of Sindh, Jamshoro Telecommunication 2002


# Title Author(s)
1 Shot-based Main Actors Detection in Musicals Doudpota , Muhammad Sher
Abbasi , Sharif Muhammad
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8 Exploring the Impact of Mathematics Perception on Students Performance Shaikh , Bakh
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Bakhtyar , Maheen
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12 Cross-Cultural Polarity and Emotion Detection Using Sentiment Analysis and Deep Learning on COVID-19 Related Tweets Imran , Shariq Ali
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20 Creating Multi-level Class Hierarchy for Question Classification with NP analysis and WordNet , Bakhtyar Maheen
Kawtrakul , Asanee
Baber , Junaid
Doudpota ,Muhammad Sher


# Title Year
1 OGDCL National Talent Hunt Program 2018
2 o Project Director- Community Colleges in backward districts of Sindh Province in Pakistan 2018
3 o Short Term Consultant on Quality Assurance on USAID’s project USWDP at Kabul, Afghanistan 2018
4 Strengthening U.S. and Pakistani Faculty Connection 2018
5 Replicating Community Colleges Best Practices in Pakistan 2018