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Engr. Prof. Dr. Madad Ali Shah

Professor & Dean

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E-mail : madad@iba-suk.edu.pk
Office Extension : 4070


I achieved my PhD from System Engineering Department, Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK in the area of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In my PhD, I designed a hand-held unit to simultaneously communicate with Electronic compass, Mobile telephone and GPS receiver. This project was co-sponsored by RNIB (Royal National Institute for Blind) UK and the designed unit was proposed for the guidance of blind and partially sighted pedestrians. I published 57 research articles in International and HEC-recognized national journals. My 2 articles are under revisions and 1 Book and 2 Book chapters (considered equal to research journal publications by HEC) are also published by renowned publishers. I also presented 20 research papers at International forums & got them published in conference proceedings. After completion of my Bachelors in Computer Systems Engineering with 1st class and 1st position from Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET), I have 31+ years’ experience at various administrative and academic positions including the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University of Technology and Skill Development (BBSUTSD) Khairpur Mirs, Sukkur IBA University, West London College of Business & Management Sciences (WLCBMS), West London School of Management & Technology, Wireless Wizards Limited (WLSMT), International Management & Recruitment Consultants (IMRC) Ltd, Brunel University, University of Plymouth, Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited, Water & Power Development Authority and Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur Mirs. My total administrative experience at senior and administrative positions is more than 20 years including 5 years and 7 months as Vice Chancellor of the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed University of Technology and Skill Development Khairpur Mirs, about 10 years as Head of Electrical and Telecom Engineering, Head of International Linkages Programme and Head of Disciplinary Action Committee with Sukkur IBA University, 6 months as Senior Lecturer and Head of Computing Department with WLCBMS, 1 year and 5 months as Senior lecturer and Head of Information Technology and Telecom Engineering Department with WLSMT and 1 year and 1 month as Head of Department of Computer Science and IT with IMRC, London (Please see the attached CV and certificates). Having professional experience in Institutional Accreditation, Curriculum Design and Development, Satellite Navigation Engineering, Digital Coding, & Computer Security, I researched, planned, implemented, managed, taught and recommended new tools and technologies in the areas of Mobile & Satellite communications, Computer Systems, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Information & Communication Technologies, E-Business and the development of a soft GPS Satellite IP module. Dedicated to achieve my targets, I fulfil my responsibilities with firm commitment. I have been awarded “Best University Teacher’s Award” twice in 2009 and 2015 from Higher Education Commission, Pakistan and two Gold medals and two Silver medals for my academic achievements. I have also been awarded an Appreciation award for my research on "Multipath Mitigation via Satellite Communication for Blind Navigation" from the Institute of Navigation USA and the J R Beard award from the Institute of Engineering & Technology, UK. Being an active team player and strategic thinker, I am energetic, organized and determined to achieve my targets. I have proven negotiation and liaison experience with a range of different customers using sound communication and well-developed inter-personnel skills. My administrative and academic background demonstrates a successful record of career accomplishments. Through these achievements, I have proved myself a strong motivator and demonstrated professional qualities in technical and management areas. I am Programme Evaluator (PEV) of Computer Systems Engineering and Software Engineering programmes on behalf of Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and National Technology Council (NTC). I am also a member of EAB (Engineering Accreditation Board) of PEC. I have also attended ABET Accreditation Assessment Workshop and Symposium in Portland, Oregon, USA in April 2013 and Washington Accord meeting in Penang Malaysia in April 2014. I am also a member of Syndicate of Begum Nusrat Bhutto (BNB) Women University Sukkur, Indus University Karachi and Barrette Hodgson University Karachi, Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU) Khairpur Mirs and Aror University of Art, Architecture, Design and Heritage, Sukkur, Academic Council of QUEST, Nawab shah and Selection Board of SALU Khairpur and Sukkur IBA University, Sukkur. I am also an external examiner of PhD programmes of Hamdard University and COMSATS Islamabad. At Present, I am working as a Professor in Sukkur IBA University Sukkur since 09th March 2022. During my tenure of VC of BBSUTSD Khairpur Mirs, I secured NOC from HEC Islamabad, established liaison and achieved green signal from National Technology Council (NTC) to start Engineering Technology programmes, got approved PC-1 of the University from Central Development Working Party (CDWP), Government of Pakistan for joint University Development Project. I also acquired 28 acres additional land for construction of new infrastructure of the University from Revenue Department of Khairpur Mirs, Government of Sindh and completed boundary wall and started the construction of new campus. I also launched the new website and prospectus of the University for both Under-graduate Engineering Technology and Skill Development sections. I also completed the process of handover/takeover of assets, liabilities and staff with Sindh TEVTA. Being the pioneer Vice Chancellor, I took the challenges, served without salary and a without any official vehicle for more than 9 months initially and faced & overcome the financial challenges of the University. I understand quite well that I have to face further challenges to lead one of the most renowned University if given a chance in a more competitive and difficult economic environment, maintain the sound financial base, develop and refurbish the infrastructure and provide the best possible environment to recruit and retain the academic and administrative staff. I also have to establish close contacts with industry and form an active industry-academia board for the employment and placement of the graduates. However this cannot be one-man operation, so I have to form a well-equipped and multi-skilled team to get the esteemed institution moving on the path of success. I am the first academician who achieved the status of Professor under the mentorship of Late Prof. Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui in Sukkur IBA University and established the faculty of Engineering and laboratories under the kind guidance of legend Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui.


Degree From Major Year
PhD Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2002
MPhil University of Plymouth, UK. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1997
B.E MUET, Jamshoro Computer Systems Engineering 1991


# Title Author(s)
1 Optimized Circulating Current Control and Enhanced AC Fault Ride through Capability Using Model Predicative Control for MMC-HVDC Applications J.B , Soomro
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2 WSN-based monitoring and fault detection over a medium-voltage power line using two-end synchronized method Musavi, , Abbas Hyder
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6 Dependence of effective screening length in granular columns on bead and silo sizes and their ratio* Khan , Ahmed Saeed
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7 Reflection of Thermoelastic Wave On The Interface of Isotropic Half- Space and Tetragonal Syngony Anisotropic Medium of Classes 4, 4/m with Thermo mechanical Effect A. Ispulov , Nurlybek
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Shah , Ali Madad
9 Novel Key Storage and Management Solution for the Security of Wireless Sensor Networks Shah , Ali Madad
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10 Technical & Economical evaluation of Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell for commercial purposes Akhtar , Faheem
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, Madad Ali Shah
11 Raised Soundness and Production of Single Axis Tracker with Fixed Mount and Cost depletion with Relative Investigation of PV Technologies Ali , Haider Khawaja
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12 Development of AMI for Efficient Distribution and Control of Electrical Energy for Smart Grid JUSEJA++, , A. K.
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15 Probabilistic Feedforward Neural Network Based Power System Stabilizer for Excitation Control System of Synchronous Generator Ansari , Ahmed Jamshed
Memon , P Aslam.
Shah , Ali Madad
16 Higher Order MIMO System Capacity Assessment using Singular Value Decomposition while considering Power constraint problem Soomro , M A.
Shah , A M.


# Title Year
1 Member Syndicate, Senate 2020
2 Member Governing Body 2020
3 Member Governing Body 2019
4 Member Syndicate, Senate, Selection Board 2022
5 Member Syndicate, Senate, Selection Board 2020
6 Member Senate 2023
7 Member ECRDC of Electrical, Electronics, Telecom and Computer Systems Eng, IT and Computer Science 2021
8 Life Member Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan, Membership No: Comp/182 1991
9 Member The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, MIEEE, USA 2008
10 Member The Institute of Engineering & Technology (Former IEE), MIET, UK 2003
11 Member Governing Body of NTC, Pakistan 2021
12 Elected Member, Governing Body, Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan 2015


# Title Organization Year
1 Silver Medals Degree College Kandiaro 1983
2 Gold Medal Mehran University 1991
3 Gold Medal Mehran University 1990
4 • Quaid e Azam Merit Scholarship Award UGC Pakistan 1992
5 • J R Beard Award Institute of Engineering & Technology (Ex IEE) 1999
6 Appreciation Award for research The Institute of Navigation, USA 2002
7 Life Time Achievement Award MUET Jamshoro, 2016
8 Best University Teacher Award HEC 2016
9 HEC Approved Supervisor. Status granted by HEC 2016