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Dr. Sidrah Ahmed -  Assistant Professor  
  • M Phil, Quaid e Azam University
  • M.SC, Quaid e Azam University
  • PhD, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad

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Profile (Brief Description):
Finite element methods (Continuous and discontinuous) for nonlinear systems of partial differential equations Finite volume methods for complex hyperbolic-parabolic conservation laws Applications in automated software fenics and OpenFoam environment. Computational mathematics and its applications in natural and social sciences  
(2015) . Approximate and numerical solutions to a thermal ignition problem.  
S. (2013) . The space-time CE/SE method for solving one-dimensional special relativistic magnetohydrodynamics equations. Computer Physics Communications.  
S. M. (2011) . The space-time CE/SE method for one and two-dimensional Ultra-relativistic Euler Equations.  
S. (2010) . On variant CE/SE method for solving two-dimensional Ideal magnetohydrodynamics Equations.  
S. (2010) . A higher order kinetic flux vector splitting method for shallow water magnetohydrodynamics Equations.  
Ahmed, S. , Shah , F. , & Salamat , (2015) . APROXIMATE SOLUTION FOR A COUPLED SYSTEM OF DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS ARISING FROM A THERMAL IGNITION PROBLEM . . International Journal of Engineering Research and General Science, 3(6), 104-409  
Project Supervisions:  
[1]  Numerical study of Ion-slip and Hall effects in third grade magnetohydrodynamics fluid flow   Graduate ,M Phil thesis project    
[2]  Numerical Study of a model of free convection magnetohydrodynamics   Graduate ,M Phil thesis project