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BS Software Engineering


Goals and objectives of Bachelors of Science (Software Engineering) BSSE

Adequate Domain Knowledge:
To produce graduates who possess adequate knowledge and skills to qualify to become a competent software engineer, applications developer, systems developer / analyst. The objectives of this goal are to produce graduates having:
  1. Knowledge of core software engineering, mathematics, and science, fitting to the discipline.
  2. Ability to apply this knowledge in developing software solutions using state-of-the-art methods, techniques, skills, and tools.
  3. Skills to construct software programs using latest high level programming languages.

Critical Analysis and Problem Solution:
To produce graduates who can critically analyze a problem, and develop appropriate software solution by identifying the software requirements for that solution. The objectives of this goal are to produce graduates having:
  1. Ability to critically analyze a problem, identify software requirements for its different solutions and apply the most optimized solution
  2. Ability to design, implement, and evaluate a software solution.
  3. Ability to apply design and development principles in the construction of automated software solutions for various problems.

Software engineering Tools and methods:
To produce graduates who can use appropriate software engineering tools and methods to model, simulate and test their design. The objectives of this goal are to produce graduates having:
  1. Ability to use diverse software engineering tools and techniques.
  2. Skills to use various simulations applications and packages
  3. Awareness of software development life cycle and CASE tools.
  4. Awareness of software quality assurance standards.

Aware of state-of-the-art Technologies:
To produce graduates well aware of technological advancements in the field of Software Engineering that enables them in decision making.
  1. Consciousness of current trends and changes in computing domain. Ability to select market oriented projects for FYPs
  2. Skills to offer effective consultations to organizations requiring computer-based solutions.

Effective Communication:
To produce graduates who can effectively communicate their ideas and work, both orally and in writing. The objectives of this goal are to produce:
  1. Graduates who can communicate effectively with a range of audiences
  2. Graduates who possess ability to write research and development reports. Ability to present research and development work.

Ethical Values:
To produce graduates well aware of professional, ethical, legal, security and social dimensions. The objectives of this goal are to produce graduates having:
  1. Ability to demonstrate professional approach in research and development work at Institute as well as at workplace.
  2. Ability to reflect ethical behavior among colleagues, Institution, workplace and general society.
  3. Ability to realize the legal values for using software and other intellectual properties.
  4. Ability to properly serve the society through the application of computer technology.

Society Services:
To sensitize the graduates about the impact of their technological work on society and environment. The objectives of this goal are to produce graduates having:
  1. Skills to identify social problems and provide computing solutions for these problems.
  2. Skills to understand the needs for current society and environment of today’s electronic world.