Sukkur IBA University
Merit, Quality, Excellence

Bachelors in Business Administration (Four Years Program)


Programs Objective:

BBA Program Mission Statement:

The mission of BBA program is to enhance intellectual and professional competencies by imparting knowledge through a meritorious culture that encourages critical thinking, active learning, ethical consciousness and global awareness.

BBA Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Goal 1 – Social Responsibility
  1. 1.1 Students will demonstrate ability to identify and analyze social responsibility issues.
  2. 1.2Students will demonstrate ability to apply ethical reasoning in decision making.

Goal 2- Communication Skills
  1. 2.1 Students will demonstrate the understanding of communication context in diverse business settings.
  2. 2.2Students will demonstrate ability to communicate with oral and written proficiency in English language in various business settings.

Goal 3-Critical thinking skills
  1. 3.1 Students will demonstrate ability to apply research to solve business problems.
  2. 3.2Students will demonstrate ability to apply qualitative and quantitative techniques to critically evaluate and reflect business issues.

Goal 4 -Leadership Skills
  1. 4.1 Students will demonstrate ability to take initiative and effectively lead teams .

Goal 5 – Entrepreneurial Skills
  1. 5.1 Students will demonstrate ability to effectively identify opportunity, understand risk and develop innovative business solutions.

Goal 6 – Understanding and application of core business concepts
  1. 6.1 Students will demonstrate understanding and ability to apply business discipline knowledge to address business challenges.
  2. 6.2Students will demonstrate ability to apply knowledge in the functional areas of business with specific concentrations.

Goal 7 – Global Awareness
  1. 7.1Students will demonstrate knowledge of international and cross-cultural issues in a globally integrated business environment.
  2. 7.2Students will demonstrate understanding of information and communication technologies used in business setting.