Sukkur IBA University
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MBA (2 Years)-Case Study


Programs Objective:

MBA Program Mission Statement:

The mission of our MBA program is to involve students in active and evidence-based learning process to develop managerial skills and abilities, leading them to be socially responsible business leaders.

MBA Program Learning Outcomes (PLO)

Goal 1- Social Responsibility
  1. 1.1 Demonstrate understanding of legal and regulatory environment of the business.
  2. 1.2Demonstrate ability to apply ethics reasoning and take socially responsible decisions.
  3. 1.3Demonstrate ability to initiate and manage community services.

Goal 2- Communication Skills
  1. 2.1 Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate in business settings by using modern technology
  2. 2.2Demonstrate ability to negotiate in strategic business deals

Goal 3- Strategic Decision Making Skills
  1. 3.1 Demonstrate ability to apply relevant qualitative and quantitative research techniques to gather and analyze relevant data by using modern technology and derive appropriate conclusions
  2. 3.2Demonstrate ability to apply critical and analytical thinking in solving business problems of an organization.
  3. 3.3Demonstrate ability to develop innovative solutions for business problems

Goal 4- Leaderships Skills
  1. 4.1 Demonstrate ability to effectively deal with diversity of opinions, values and vested interest of various stakeholders and work in diverse groups.
  2. 4.2 Demonstrate ability to bring strategic changes in the organizations and lead people.

Goal 5- Application of Business Knowledge
  1. 5.1 Demonstrate understanding of core business disciplines and ability to identify business problems, and apply the relevant core business knowledge to develop strategies.
  2. 5.2 Demonstrate understanding of business specialization and ability to identify business problems, and apply the relevant knowledge of business specialization to develop strategies.
  3. 5.3 Demonstrate understanding of interdependence among the different business functions and ability to integrate holistic approach and global perspective in decision making.