Sukkur IBA University
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Sukkur IBA started “GREEN OFFICE INITIATIVE” in collaboration with WWF Pakistan. The aims and
objectives of the program are to create awareness among the Sukkur IBA Community about the environmental issues, to reduce the wastage of resources and to increase the sustainability of the Institute.
11th May 2012, Sukkur IBA have pleased to orientation session regarding Green office Initiative
and contract agreement on this cooperation of WWF nature-Pakistan
18th January 2013, Sukkur IBA have collaboration with WWF, Nature Pakistan, in this regard, Sukkur IBA
will conduct a workshop for awareness about friendly environment to faculty. The speaker/facilitator of this workshop was Ms. Nazifa Butt, Senior Program Officer (environment Assessment department) from WWF, Nature Pakistan.
9th February 2013, conducted a meeting with all sectional heads of the departments and were
comprehensively briefed by the Registrar, Sukkur IBA about the Green Office Initiative of Sukkur IBA and its energy conservation and sustainability plan.
20th February 2013, the green office initiates program at Sukkur IBA and also give the information 
about the road-map of the program. And to create awareness of the friendly environment, and also encourage them to transfer this information to students during classes and involve them to participate environmental activities. Properly utilizes natural recourses, to make our environment friendly, which enhances the beauty of our environment.