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When does the admission process start in Sukkur IBA?
  Sukkur IBA announces its admissions in major newspapers of Pakistan and on website. Usually admissions to all programs are announced in May/June every year.
Does Sukkur IBA allow the students to apply for admission whose final result has not been announced?
Yes Sukkur IBA allows studnts whose final result has not been announced subject to the condition that they have no deficiency in previous years of academic career. The admission offered is conditional till the submission of required result.
Q: How many times a year does Sukkur IBA offer admissions?
Sukkur IBA announces admissions once a year for the fall semester starting in August. The admission process starts in May-June.
Q.4 Is Sukkur IBA aptitude test compulsory for every student seeking admission in Sukkur IBA?
Sukkur IBA admission test is compulsory for every student who is seeking admission in degree programs at Sukkur IBA.
Q.5 Where does Sukkur IBA conduct aptitude tests and interviews?
Sukkur IBA conducts two aptitude tests for all the programs at Sukkur IBA campus. One is foundation semester test for the students getting preparation in foundation classes and second is general aptitude test for the students directly appearing in the test or coming through crash preparatory classes.
Q.6 Does Sukkur IBA provide any reading materials or previous model papers to the prospective students for making preparation for Sukkur IBA aptitude tests?
Sukkur IBA only provides a sample paper of aptitude test along with the prospectus to every student at the time of submitting admission forms.
Q.7 Does Sukkur IBA offers preparatory classes for Sukkur IBA aptitude test?
Foundation Semester
Sukkur IBA runs Foundation Semester and Crash preparatory classes for the aptitude test.
Foundation Semester: Foundation semester runs in January every year where the students are taught English, Mathematics, Computer, Accounting, Economics, General Knowledge , Physics (for BS(CS) & BS(T.E)) for three months. At the end of the semester a final examination is conducted and students passing that examination are allotted the admissions in degree programs starting in August
Crash Preparatory Classes:
Crash preparatory classes run for one month in May-June of every year. Students in Crash preparatory classes are taught subjects like English, Mathematics, and General Knowledge. After completing these classes these students appear in the general aptitude test of Sukkur IBA.