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Guest Speaker Session at Sukkur IBA University
(Sukkur IBAU November 6, 2017): The rapid advancement of technology and science might render billions of people useful within next couple of decades, observed Afaque Riaz Ahmed, who the founder and president of Karachi Institute of Technology and Entrepreneurship (KITE), while speaking as a guest speaker at Sukkur IBA University auditorium. Talking about industrial revolution he said that, its first phase started in 1784, during which mechanical production facilities powered by water and steam were started. In second phase, which started from 1870 and mass production based on the division of labor and powered by electricity was started. Similarly, in 1969 use of electronics and IT was started to further automate production and today we are using cyber physical system, he added. He said, today only two persons can perform the job of hundred people through mechanical production and therefore I am afraid that, billions of people are going to become useless within next couple of decades. According to him, all the technologies are meant to help solve human problems. Through this technology we are producing nuclear bombs on one hand, while on the other we are treating cancer, he said. The session was organized by the Education, Science Technology Innovation and Research club (ESTIR) led by Ms. Unaeza Alvi, Assistant Professor Department of Education. After panel discussion, question answer sessions were held, during which the guest speaker answered the questions put forward by the students.

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