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Assessment Team (AT) meeting-QEC Sukkur IBA University
Tuesday 11th July, 2017—An Assessment Team (AT) meeting was held in the Meeting Room at Academic Block-I in which the Self-Assessment Report (SAR) of MPhil Education (Distance Learning) Program was evaluated. The AT comprised an external member i.e. Dr. Waheed Noor, Director Distance Learning, University of Baluchistan, in addition to two internal members i.e. Dr.Fida Hussain Chang, Assistant Professor, Sukkur IBA, and Mr. Gul Ahmed Rind, Lecturer, Sukkur IBA who assessed the SAR of the said program. Besides AT, there was a Program Team (PT) consisting of two members i.e. Dr. Shahid Hussain Mughal, Associate Professor, Sukkur IBA, and Ms. Unaeza Alvi, Assistant Professor, Sukkur IBA, who had prepared the SAR. Initially, the AT was given briefing about the self-assessment mechanism by Dr. Sher Muhammad Doudpota, Director, QEC followed by the formal presentation given by Ms. Unaeza Alvi. The said meeting lasted around two and half hours during which a healthy discussion was made between the AT and PT. The AT went through the SAR and posed several questions by asking various clarifications from the PT. In return, the PT handled the queries skillfully and addressed all their queries. Finally, this fruitful session came to an end with some useful findings which QEC will document and share with the concerned HoD for improvement purpose. The meeting was concluded with mutual vote of thanks by Director QEC AT and PT respectively.

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