Sukkur IBA University
Merit, Quality, Excellence
Education Management Department


The DoE is to become a centre of excellence in the field of teacher education, educational leadership & management and educational research to produce dynamic educational professionals and raise the standards of education at local, national and international levels.


The DoE aims to provide an enabling learning environment embedded with research based practices to develop professionals equipped with innovative instructional and leadership skills to address the educational needs of the community.

Values Statement

The DoE promotes excellence and innovation through professionalism, merit, inclusivity and collaboration. These core values have been explained below.
Value Definition
01 Inclusiveness We are open to accept diverse opinions, beliefs, ideologies, persons, knowledge, and approaches in all aspects of our work.
02 Excellence We strive to perform in the best possible ways with merit and professionalism in available resources.
03 Collaboration We work with others to achieve common goals in a congenial environment
04 Innovation We value new ideas and critical thinking